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- Who are we? We, Tokyo Computer Service Co., Ltd., are a Japanese software development company founded in 1971.We provide a comprehensive one-stop service from design, construction, introduction, operation, and maintenance of information systems, making use of the solid technical capabilities and quality cultivated over many years of achievements and a wide range of business know-how. - “Avatar Jockey” We have started research on mixed reality using MR in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) as an initiative for advanced technology in the ICT field. Avatar Jockey, a system that provides an interactive musical experience in mixed reality shared by multiple users. The objective is to create a new live music space in which MR is used to enable interactive music performances. Verify how enjoyable this performance system is, and Investigate possibilities for its application. Define this new live space as a mixed reality space that has the same conditions as ordinary music performance space, and in which it is clear to viewers in real space that the virtual space is being controlled and a human is doing it. This new space has the following characteristics: ①participants all experience the same sounds as well as the same mixed-reality space. ②Three-dimensional acoustics that have expansion, distance, and direction. ③It allows users to create a musical experience anywhere without the limitations of real space. ④In it, a unique live music space can be created with participants freely arranging sounds with their hands in real space. We have begun business development in the MR field that makes the best use of characteristics of Avatar Jockey, and we are looking for partners who can collaborate in the following fields. - Demonstration experiment of application - Future entry into the market - Providing content such as characters and music We look forward to seeing you virtually at SXSW.

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