Driving Culture Through Content

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 3:15 PM to 4:10 PM
Advertising & Brand ExperienceMedia & JournalismPre-Recorded


Anyone can be discovered on TikTok - whether it's a laid back skateboarder and his bottle of cranberry juice, a creator making a bad TV purchase, or two friends making an epic football play in their backyard - TikTok's hyper-engaged community has created a breeding ground of conversations, memes, and trends that go on to influence culture. And because TikTok is an open platform of discovery, brands have the unique opportunity to place their brands at the forefront of culture-defining conversation, as long as they're actively engaged and listening to the trending waves of the TikTok community. In this session, learn how brands are navigating TikTok's participatory nature to ultimately seize their own cultural moments in time and connect with an engaged TikTok community in an authentic way.
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Connection in Disconnection
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