Ethics of Hacking: Doing Good with Security Skills

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 3:15 PM to 4:10 PM
Tech Industry & EnterprisePre-Recorded


When most of us hear the term “hacker,” we envision an anonymous and antagonistic man under a hooded sweatshirt wreaking havoc from his keyboard. But there’s an entire community of “ethical hackers” in the cybersecurity industry who are actually putting their deeply technical skills to good use — in some cases, even saving lives. In this panel, a renowned Chief Information Security Officer from one of the world’s largest digital security companies will sit down with two of her peers to discuss the ethical boundaries of hacking: from hunting APTs from their own home network, to altruistic intrusions from an airplane WiFi. You’ll hear first-hand anecdotes from these disruptors and walk away with an understanding of the moral underpinnings of the unique skill set of hackers.
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