2021 CX Report: Safety Eats the World

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 3:15 PM to 4:10 PM
Pre-RecordedDesignTech Industry & Enterprise


Marc Andreessen's audacious "software eats the world" (2011) thesis has switched in Tech to a more down-to-earth "safety eats the world" mentality in the wake of SXSW20's cancellation. In "2021 CX Report: Safety Eats the World" we gather the trends for greater human safety in the workplace and at home in experience design and technology for both private and public sectors. Maeda shares his emerging insights from moving into the critical event management space to tackle current and future black swan events with technology and design. Spanning six years and millions of views, Maeda’s Design in Tech Reports correctly identified trends like Tech’s need for inclusive design, China's contactless UX, the unsettling societal impact of AI/ML, and remote work that all took hold soon after SXSW20.
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