Wednesday, March 17, 2021 7:00 PM to Sunday, March 21, 2021 6:59 AM
Texas High School Shorts CompetitionFilm Festival


This film is only available to view in the United States.
Runtime: 5
Language: English
Country: United States
Synopsis: A family vacation forces Aaron to spend time with his diabolical cousin, Richard. The family’s indifference to Richard’s relentless bullying proves tragic as Aaron is ultimately led to his destructive breaking point.
Cast: Austin Foxx, Spencer Van Goor, Marie France Louis, Landon Holland, Max Victory, Robyn Needham, Julie Rhodes
Director: Meredith Smith,Executive Producer: Jean Morgan,Producer: Xai Homechan,Screenwriter: Meredith Smith,Cinematographer: Meredith Smith,Editor: Meredith Smith,This film has not been rated.
Event Type
Film Screening Section
Texas High School Shorts Competition
Film Screening Category
Texas High School
Film Information
CONTACTS - Primary Contact: Meredith Smith, Meredith Smith Cinema -, 214-673-4450, Publicity Contact: Meredith Smith -, 214-673-4450 ADDITIONAL CREW - Production Designer: Meredith Smith, Sound: Meredith Smith,1st Assistant Director: Alyssa Young, 1st Assistant Camera: Alyssa Young, Grip: Alvaro Velazquez, Boom Operator: Benjamin Wellbaum, Alvaro Velazquez, Sound Mixer: Benjamin Wellbaum, Alvaro Velazquez, Props Master: Lauren Sanders, Gaffer: Xai Homechan, Alvaro Velazquez
Film Genre
DramaShort Film
Closed CaptionedStrobe Warning
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