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Wednesday, March 17, 2021 3:00 PM to Sunday, March 21, 2021 6:59 AM
Film FestivalEpisodic Pilot Competition


Premiere Status: International Premiere
Runtime: 11
Language: English
Country: Canada, United States
Synopsis: Ray and Angela just broke up. What if music had the power to bring them back together? Follow the iconic songs that make up the unforgettable soundtrack for a uniquely interconnected cast of characters.
Cast: Anna Hopkins, Julian De Zotti, Lyriq Bent, Alexandra Beaton, Karen LeBlanc, Maurice Dean Wint, Kyra Clavell, Moni Ogunsuyi, Alannah Ong, Johnny Orlando
Showrunner: Julian De Zotti,Director: Lisa Baylin, Julian De Zotti,Executive Producer: Jonas Diamond, Julian De Zotti, Lisa Baylin,Producer: Lisa Baylin,Screenwriter: Julian De Zotti,Cinematographer: Robert Scarborough CSC,Editor: Sam Thomson, Matt Lyon, Alvin Campaña,This film ha...
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Film Screening Section
Episodic Pilot Competition
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Film Information
CONTACTS - Primary Contact: Julian De Zotti, Anthology Productions -, 714 909 3273, Publicity Contact: Rob Fleming -, 5305910895 ADDITIONAL CREW - Production Designer: Andrea Leigh , Sound: Steve Moore,Episode 2 Directors: Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart , Episode 3 and 4 Director: Sudz Sutherland, Episode 5 Director: Theresa Rebeck, Episode 6 Director: Matt Eastman, Executive Story Editor: Karen Knox, Music Supervisor: David Hayman, Music Coordinator: Cody Partridge, Production Design: Andrea Leigh, Set Decorator: Britt Skelly, Costume Designer: Michelle Bohn
Film Genre
Closed Captioned
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