Ma Belle, My Beauty

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021 9:00 PM to Sunday, March 21, 2021 6:59 AM
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This film is only available to view in the United States.
Premiere Status: Texas Premiere
Runtime: 95
Language: English, French
Country: France
Synopsis: A surprise reunion in southern France reignites passions and jealousies between two women who were formerly polyamorous lovers.
Cast: Idella Johnson, Hannah Pepper, Lucien Guignard, Sivan Noam Shimon
Director: Marion Hill,Executive Producer: Gina Charbonnet,Producer: Ben Matheny, Kelsey Scult, Marion Hill,Screenwriter: Marion Hill,Cinematographer: Lauren Guiteras,Editor: Marion Hill,This film has not been rated. #mabellemybeauty
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Film Screening Section
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Narrative Feature
Film Information
CONTACTS - Primary Contact: Ben Matheny, EFI -, , Publicity Contact: Kelsey Scult -, 2063998245 ADDITIONAL CREW - Production Designer: Stéphane Gilles-Pick, Sound: Ben Sellers, Lee Garcia, Music: Mahmoud Chouki,Co-Producer: Lizzie Guitreau, Associate Producers: Lisa Taktouk, Zaferhan Yumru, Valérie Lecomte, 1st Assistant Director: Leila Sherbini
Film Genre
Closed Captioned
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