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Enter fantastical representations of Congress Avenue and the Red River Cultural District, and experience live sessions, meet ups, SXSW Music Festival Showcases, special events, a selection of 360° videos from the Virtual Cinema program, and 2D video feeds of SXSW programming. 

Accessing the SXSW Online XR Worlds in VRChat  

  • These private worlds, built within the VRChat app, are best experienced within a headset. All SXSW Online passholders with a Windows PC (not available on Mac), PCVR headset or Oculus Quest headset can access the SXSW Online XR Worlds in VRChat.          
  • Create your VRChat ID at, or download/access VRchat through your headset or PC, or Oculus Quest to sign up. You can find a tutorial on how to set up an account on VRChat here .                        
  • After you register on VRChat, search for and friend the Official SXSW Host: Hank_the_Dog (to join our worlds) and NoJudy (to join events at The Contemporary)

*Note that your friend request will not be accepted automatically and will need time to be processed.          

  • Once your friend request is accepted, you will see Hank listed as a Friend in the Social tab of VRchat. Please click on Hank, then click "Req invite."        
  • Once Hank has processed your request, you will receive a notification at the top of the VRchat menu box that you can now join Hank in the world.

Add your VRChat Username to your attendee profile  

  • This will expedite your SXSW Host friend request and entry into the SXSW Online XR Worlds. Please be aware that SXSW may share your VRChat ID with our partners at VRrOOm who may be helping us accept friend requests in VRChat.          
  • Register early to get acquainted with your controls and social safety settings. 

View the SXSW Virtual Cinema  

  • SXSW Film Festival’s complete Virtual Cinema Program, including the Virtual Cinema Competition and Virtual Cinema Spotlight projects are all available in VR.          
  • Go to the in your browser (Mac and PC supported), or use the browser in your headset to view 360° video projects from our program.      
  • Enter the daily password: BRAINISMELTED21
  • 6DoF projects can be downloaded and run on the appropriate VR headsets also via          
  • NOTE: Your Virtual Cinema downloads have embedded timecodes set to expire at the end of the SXSW Online event on March 20th.

Also appearing within the world, are installations from:   

  • Byrke Lou          
  • Jean-Michel Jarre          
  • Theon Cross  

And murals from Austin, including work from: Raasin in the Sun, Sandra Chevrier & Shepard Fairey, Todd Sanders, Jiminai, Bring Music Home, NIVA, and more.  

Discover the HBO Max Orbit Experience

The HBO Max Orbit is an interactive virtual experience that celebrates the world of HBO Max – from beloved characters, to groundbreaking franchises, to all-new originals. Play the game to help SXSW unlock an exclusive clip from Godzilla vs. Kong, debuting 3/31 in theaters and on HBO Max! Streams for 31 days from theatrical release. The Orbit experience is available for Mac and Windows PC, starting March 19th here.

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