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Extending creativity in the digital era to machines, the “AI painting project” gives robots the independent power to create art using colors, canvas, and a paintbrush.

What makes this robot unique is that it doesn’t generate the paintings at random or from the existed image. Instead, it works with concepts and has a set of “values” it turns to for guidance. The process is as follows: one or multiple concepts are given to the AI robot to generate a picture through a collection of brush strokes. The image is generated by the evaluation criterion of ‘most like the presented concept.’ The robot arm then uses the paintbrush and colors at its disposal to create art. It currently works with both acrylic paint and watercolors and mixes the color with water itself. 

The painting’s complexity can be determined by giving the robot instructions that shape the final image. For instance, limiting the robot to using only 30 brushstrokes will create a more abstract piece of art than 300 brushstrokes for a more realistic-looking painting. The paint strokes, colors, and the overall final images that the AI produces have the potential to usher the world into a new category of art and aesthetics entirely created by machines.            


Now, the team is implementing a visual feedback system that will allow the robot to see the painting in progress, making human intervention and co-creation possible. 

This entire concept sits at the crossroads of AI, IoT, robotics, and art and aims to develop an independent creative entity to augment human creativity. In the not-too-distant future, there will be a variety of innovative robots. And Robot’s views of creativity will be more widely different than those of humans. The birth of new creativity will not replace human imagination but will inspire and expand our imagination.


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