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  1. AI Painting Project: A picture painting robot  
  2. Wi-Monitor: Social-distance enabling device using Wifi  
  3. EVERSTEEL : Steel recycling tech to stop global warming  
  4. Soseki : Your own version of Google search  
  5. Wearbo : Wearable keyboard  
  6. sigboostConnecting every music instrument for live performers


"Accelerating Japan - Todai To Texas" is an acceleration program of The University of Tokyo.

Todai To Texas has been an official university program that brings promising and innovative projects and startups to Austin, Texas every March. Since 2014, we have brought about 50 startups to the SXSW Trade Show. Some of you may have noticed a breakfast cooking robot, human levitating drone, robotic prosthetic leg in the past SXSW. That was us! 

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