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german.innovation is a collaborative Strategy Consulting and Networking Agency focused on innovation strategies, the implementation of emerging technologies and connecting innovators and creative minds internationally. 
german.innovation seeks to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange to accelerate transnational (cross-) innovation, strengthen the „tech for good“  community and to collectively work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. While we share a curiosity for all things tech, we have a particular passion for Creative Technologies; CleanTech, Sustainability and Social Impact Tech; Smart (Creative) City Strategies and their intersections of mobility, clean energy and big data as well as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Tech Ethics. 
german.innovation strongly advocates for the empowerment of underrepresented founders, creatives, innovators, investors, and policy makers - women in particular – in the creative and tech communities.
german.innovation is initiator and co-founder of the collaborative pan-European innovator network Innovation Bridge Europe (IBE) //

german.innovation’s official entity ginNova GmbH was founded in Hamburg (Germany) in the summer of 2020 by long-time collaborators Sanja Stankovic and Claudia Schwarz. 

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