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**************SXSW OFFICIAL EVENT INFORMAITON****************

PEEEK TV × livesola special package by DCAJ

Date&Time: 4:00PM, 17.March 2021


"livesola" is a cross-platform fan-economy building system developed by Recika using blockchain NFT (non-fungible token) and live streaming technology. and "PEEEK TV" is a project run by GeekPictures, Inc. that curates Japanese performers active in the world. The two projects will jointly release a livesola special software tool package for performers. We propose new ways of performance streaming and monetization centered on performers instead of platformers.


What's "DCAJ"?

Digital Content Association of Japan(DCAJ) is a non-profit organization to survey and promote Japanese digital content market. Our activities are as below:-                    

  1. Digital Content White Paper: We conduct survey on Japanese content market and trends of international content market to publish “Digital Content White Paper” annually.                     
  2. Digital Content Expo (DCEXPO): We hold DCEXPO once a year.   DCEXPO is an international event featuring digital content technology and content. DCEXPO2020 was held online in November last year.                    
  3. TechBiz Creation & Business Matching Project (TechBiz) : We are now working on the project called “TechBiz Creation & Business Matching” and supporting 8 tech-startups in Japan to penetrate them into international market. 

If you are interedsted in our acitivities, please contact us.

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